widcomm 1.4.2 build 10 + BT HS problems


Hey all, have been using above software/driver and using my BT headset through ventrilo, this has been workin great until yesterday when i installed battlefield 2. incoming comms are fine but outgoing comms is totally buggered? seems as if there is permanent white noise through the mic when testing through vent and teamspeak and no voice detected through xp test

Only thing I can think of is directx 9.0c was installed with battlefield 2 have uninstalled bf2 same probs, emailed the company who have taken over widcomm and they say not much lol typical non tech no support, if any1 can help me I would be very grateful as this has completly stumped me.

p4 3.00
1024 ddr400
xp sp2
checked headset and works fine with mobile and get same problems with teamspeak 2 as well
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