Wicker Man 2 Disc £2.99 in Silverscreen Stores


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in virgin too. was 2.99 a few weeks back on stands by the door but i didnt get it when i went back later it wasent there but it was in the a-z part where the sales stuff is, that was last week.


made the trek this am to nottingham to get wicker man as it was still advertised on their web site

not a chance - £19.99 :nono:

they only had 3 copies at £2.99 which sold out quickly!! (it was apparently the same with some other discs)

bit of a con imo to get folk into the shops

anyway i'll never cross their threshold again :mad:


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I just paid £3.99 to sendit.com for mine
that includes delivery, well worth the money.


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Slightly off topic:

I just read this on a another website which may be of interest:

Emmett/Furla, who had some involvement in the latest Amityville Horror remake, are producing Neil LaBute's retread of The Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage. Nu Image/Millenium will handle distribution duties.


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When the UK R2 DVD was first released, it came in a cardboard slipcase (if that's the right word). Now it just comes in a black case. Does anyone know where I can get the slipcase version?

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