Wich wide angle lens


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I'm thinking of getting a sony dcr-hc85e and want one of those wide angled or a "fish eye" lens to go with it, but i haven't found much reviews on them at all.

Has anyone had some experience with a similar lens, like the ones from Sony or Kenko?


If you want an origional Sony lens then now is the time to be applying to your bank for a new mortgage :devil:
I've never used any ad on lenses on my camcorder, but have used them on my SLR camera. I always go for the generic lenes as I refuse to pay ~£200 for a lens that I can get from another company for ~£60.
Take a look at Keene as they have several from about £60 depending on the thread size of you cam and made by Hama (used and found to be good in the past) and Kenko (never used).



"fish-eye" is just an extreemly wide angle lens (ie less than 0.5) and will distort everything you take through it - best choice would be between 0.5 and 0.7 - As Mark said have a look on the Keene website.
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