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I used to be with Sky and their modem/router never impressed me regarding strength of wifi signal. I therefore went for a Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router with a Netgear DM200 modem which improved things a lot. I recently changed to Plusnet and noticed that their supplied modem/router seems to offer an even stronger signal than the the Netgear setup. I am assessing signal strength by using a tablet and looking at the signal strength bars.So figures obtained for example.

1. In room with both routers. Both Netgear and Plusnet signal showing maximum. Though the Plusnet shows the generic network name and both extensions ie 2.4GHz and 5 GHz so for the Plusnet router I have 3 sets of figures both the _2 and the_5 on the Plusnet are lower than the generic one. Now the Netgear does not split it I just get one signal indicator even though it transmits on both frequencies.

2.Now if move out into another room some 10 odd metres away both generic signals are less but the _2 and _5 on the Plusnet increase to maximum.

3. If I go even further away the _2 and _5 on the Plusnet are still the strongest with both generics even weaker than in case 2.

Now what all this ramble is getting to is why is the Plusnet signal stronger than the Netgear even though the Netgear is quite qan expensive setup and why does the Plusnet show as the generic network and both frequemcies and why are these two frequencies greater than the generic one at any distance from the router?

I hope this makes sense what I am trying to say.


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Bars are hopeless. If you want to do a comparison then get yourself an application that reports actual signal levels (in -dBm).

Be sure to keep the tablet in the same orientation as well as position.

You'll also need to rotate the router as they'll have aerials in different positions, so even if they're the same shape they may need positioning differently to maximise strength.


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I know the bars cannot give a quantative result but must have some bearing on qualative ie better or worse. I have played about with the Nighthawk antenna, does not seem to make much difference.
Anyway taking your advice and downloaded Wifi Analyzer for android and got these results.
In room where routers/modem live I got Plusnet _2 of -65dB and Netgear_2 of -30db, Plusnet _5 of -75dB and Netgear _5 of -25db showing that the Netgear is stronger here.
Now moving to other location following results Plusnet _2 of -70dB and Netgear _2 of -85dB, Plusnet _5 of -75dB and Netgear _5 of -75dB
So this comes out in favour of the Plusnet _2 having overtaken the Netgear and both _5 about the same.

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The plusnet has higher gain (more focussed) antenna on 2.4ghz by the looks of things.

You can think of the signal coming from an omni-directional antenna as a ring donut, with the antenna sitting in the middle of the hole in the middle.

The higher gain your antenna is, the bigger your donut is and the bigger the hole is. :)


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Odd as I would have expected the , relatively expensive Nighthawk to be better than the bundled Plusnet job.

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The Netgear is better, it's just better closer.

Its a smaller donut, with no hole in the middle. :D

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