Whys my WI FI signal so bad?


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I have a Belkin F5D7632-4 V2000 router.

The past few weeks the signals been very bad on there.

It keeps going from 54 Mbs to 24 Mbs then down to 2 and 1 Mbs.

The router is downstairs but I bought it up stairs and it made no difference on my laptop and PC.

I have also tried changing channels but its still the same.

I am thinking of getting another router are there any with a much better signal than this?

Chris Muriel

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Try running Netstumbler on one or both of the PCs ; that will show what other nearby WiFi equipment might be interfering.
You could have other interference sources like Bluetooth, videosenders or even spurious emissions from DECT and GSM phones; you'd need a spectrum analyser to see these.
Microwave ovens are a superb interference source not far off frequency - but these, by their nature, would normally only be used intermittently.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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I downloaded it.

These are all the networks it found.

Theres over 10 where I am.

Is that why mines not going very well.


Chris Muriel

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Quite possibly.
Use Netstumbler's Channel option to see if there's actually a free channel that you can use. Failing that, use a channel with least occupancy, especially in terms of the stronger (green) signals.
Otherwise packet collisions and retries will certainly reduce your speed.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Channel 3 is free go for that and see if things improve.

As you potentially have a lot of wifi clients round there make sure your security is good.
Use at least WPA
Hide your SSID
Turn on MAC address filtering and enter the MAC addresses of your own wifi kit (laptop/console etc)

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