Why would TV s Block use of Headphones?


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Why would TV s Block use of Headphones?
After spending hundreds of dollars on 2 pairs of wonderful Sennheiser headphones & then a couple of hundred bucks more on 2 pairs of Sony headphones I had the setup I needed. Good sound & music fidelity plus mom & I could both hear the conversation & narration over the music.

Then the day came when the 55” Samsung died. No problem, I ran out & picked up a 55” TCL. I hung it where the Samsung had been & plugged one of the headset’s 1/8” mini-Stereo plugs into the jack marked Audio Out.

Dead silence in the headset. I contacted TCL Support. They said “NOPE!” Cannot use headsets on this TV. Is this some bad dream?

It gets worse. I went to Best Buy & waited around about a half hour to have someone help me. “NOPE!” Cannot buy a TV that allows you to plug in headphones anymore.

I ask again is this a bad dream? Before I got to where the prior system was working I had purchased a receiver that featured Bluetooth support. When I discovered there was no Bluetooth out I returned the Sony receiver to Best Buy. The same guys who now tell me it can’t be done sold me the Sony IR headphones that served me so well over the past few years. (OK Not the same people: the people working in the same department of the same Best Buy.) Is this just a bad dream?


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On larger tvs, the demand is just not there.

You can however use an optical to headphone adapter from Amazon. About $20 or so.


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Oops. That 1/8 mini should probably be 35mm Stereo mini plug..
Typo. It's a 3.5mm
On the TCL TV you have did you have a look in the Audio menu?.
On some TV's there's a “Sound out” option where you have to explicitly select TV Speakers, HDMI Audio, Optical or Headphones.
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Thanks everyone. I’m considering deleting my entire thread (if that’s possible) since upon peeking around back for the first time in well over a year I don’t find what I described. There is no “audio out” there. I must have been visualizing the old Samsung. There is however a 3.5mm jack labeled “headphones.”

I have already ordered the Amazon adapter suggested and decided to dig out the wiring from the back of the equipment caddy. Now I need to decide whether to return it. The Sony headsets are working perfectly after my year of steaming over a problem that apparently I made up.

The only thing that makes sense is that I had been complaining about the speakers shutting down so I could entertain a mixed audience of headset wearers & non-headset wearers.

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