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Why would any of you get an Ipad when it's...

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Beaten by now 8 year old technology?



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It's late and I am bored! So I will play along! Funnily enough and unlike you I have used both devices! Guess which one is more magical? Sometimes it's not what's under the hood but the experience! Certainly didn't get 10 hours battery life 8 years ago let alone 720p playback! Although I have to agree! I think the mono speaker on the iPads is either a bet or some sort of a social experiment! I mean it is the 21 century! How much battery life would another crappy little speaker cost? For everything else there is an App!
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You left out battery life and weight, I think it would have won those. Anyway like Kyuss72 said it's usability.

I have a Motion Computing LE1600 which is similar to that HP tablet. I tried an iPad last year. Wanted to draw on it, do art, use it like a Wacom tablet. Didn't work, I wanted a stylus. Returned the ipad. Researched and found about the Motion LE's. Fab piece of kit, Wacom pen etc, use it with the proper Sketch Book Pro and Windows 7. I love it and only £100 off eBay.

But...... tried it on the sofa for web browsing etc. and while okay it's heavy and needs to be plugged into mains.

Just got an original iPad again, refurb from Apple £289. This is a fab piece of kit also. Using it for what it is intended for. I can't see me browsing the internet on anything else now! Use the Motion for pen drawing! Horses for courses. Their is a new Acer tablet out this year. Windows 7, multiple touch and Wacom pen. Great, but heavy and 3 hour battery life.

Apple has reinvigorated the tablet market. There were tablet PC 's 10 years ago but they didn't take off.

Citizen J

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This demonstrates that the Apple IPad is a brand while the HP TC was not. Apple are very clever at marketing their products and creating a need due to the manner in which they construct their brand.

Look at the IPod when it first came out. It's an MP3 player, that’s it. When it first hit the market the prices were over £140.. People still bought it because it's Apple and the functionality it represents. You could pick an Mp3 player up for £30 but they weren't seen as fulfilling the consumers needs.


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:DIts simple, its lush, its cool and, most importantly, it just works :thumbsup:


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Sometimes it's not what's under the hood but the experience!

Is this the same lame reply apple users use all the time when justifying their purchase? The OP does have a point to be honest. The ipad doesn't really offer anything new. Hype, marketing, the "experience", brand snobbishness (sp.) have all played a part in its success. In the end, the ipad is pretty cool and has its uses but I don't think it's the "magical" life changing device that some users would lead us to believe. BTW, I'm still sitting on the fence re. purchasing one or Android equivalent.
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