Question Why were video disc jukeboxes dropped?


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The BD Jukebox after dropping (ironic that hip "drop" meaning is opposite) reached $10,000 NIB on eBay. Unit old for $2000 I believe which is ridiculous since the CD Juke was something like $400 retail.

I would think that the availability of jukes would cause more disc sales - especially when you consider how much wall space is required to keep them. 400 in a juke is like serious "compression."

I can't believe everyone went to media servers. These jukes could be daisy chained too.

Could it be that finding a disc became problematic???


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Speaking as someone that has 4 Sony mega-changers full of discs they went away because they simply never sold well. Didn't help that they were very expensive relative to an ordinary player.

In the US Sony dumped them into their outlet stores for as little as $200-500 when they were retailing them for something like $1,500-2,000. Needless to say when they did that they suddenly sold in days with people taking multiple units.

Those Ebay prices are ridiculous, I have seen listings asking for $20,000, I know as I was looking for additional units at one point and I can't believe any actually sell for that.

The internal menu systems on them were never particularly user friendly for quickly finding a disc. I paired mine up with MyMovies which gives an interface from PC or IOS Android where I can select a title from nice visual interface complete with meta-data, disc covers etc. and it will turn on the relevant changer and load the disc of the selected movie.


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Thanks for your story. (Makes me even sadder....)

$20k on eBay - who knows, considering the technology maybe they ended up in Dubai!

I think Sony never got over losing the VCR market to VHS.....

Perhaps it was their marketing which is ironic. Sony had all the electronics and then decided they wanted in on the content so they started buying up movie studios.

One would think they'd want to sell video discs???

So what do they do? They try to extort money with 4-figure juke boxes. Then when that fails, they throw in the towel????

First, they misjudged the market. People that would spend that much money, don't waste their time with big disc collections. Second, OK so they didn't sell at $2000, why not sell them for $400???

And why did Pioneer go along with this? A Cabal of Evil perhaps which would explain HDMI.


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I also think there was a problem with timing - they came out just as the 3D blu ray market was on the rise so everyone wanted 3D discs for their new 3D tv''s - so a standard blu ray mega changer was not going to do well. Pity as I have four of the DVD mega changers paired with an Escient for cataloguing and think they are great fun - kind of like having an old juke box in the corner - a bit of retro :)


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While I still think there is a market for the jukeboxes, the reality may be that more and more new content is appearing faster than it can be watched or rewatched - but I'll temper that with: quality content is in short supply. I stream just about every series that interests me and it is amazing how many have sunk to the bowels of my "Leader Board" list! I have simply quit watching the majority of them because there is better stuff to watch.

There are only a handful of films that I occasionally watch - usually for some relaxing fun like Fifth Element, Thor Ragnarok, Matilda, and lately John Carter and Jupiter Arising.

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