Why were old black and white films quick?



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I have a question. I was reading that the frame rate on TVs was originally set to 16 frames per second. Later the frame rate was increased to 24 frames per second. Since, this is the case, how come old black and white films were quick?

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They were filmed at a lower frame speed to suit the speed of the film available at the time, probably around 18 to 20 FPS, but are now played back at the current frame speed which makes them seem to be moving faster. I believe current is 50 frames per second with each frame sent twice to give an effective 25 frames per second? No doubt an expert will correct me.

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PAL is 25fps.

NTSC is 29.97 fps.

The picture is interlaced which means that only "half-frames" are displayed (odd lines, even lines). Thus, PAL has a 50Hz refresh rate whereas NTSC has a 60Hz refresh rate. Watch on a 100Hz PAL TV and the refresh rate is doubled but the frame rate is still 25fps.

Film runs at 24 fps.

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