Why the obsession with gloss on high end equipment?


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There are many examples where a manufacturer switches to a glossy finish for their higher end ranges.

B&W, KEF, Monitor Audio, Focal, Dali, REL...


I HATE glossy finishes. Nightmare to keep clean, prone to scratches, fingerprints and I associate it with cheap looking things trying to look expensive.

It stops me buying high end equipment - I've got a pair of B&W 704s or KEF R5s on my shortlist, however I won't get them because I can't stand the look of them.

With my rant over, I'd like to know what your thoughts on gloss are?


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I like it. Harder work, but it's all shiny and sexy. Like having a super hot but high maintenance other half :D


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Down to personal preference, some ppl like some ppl not, I'm the one who doesn't cause of the reasons you mentioned above, hard to keep clean and the dust just killing me when I see it on my equipment, but I suppose some ppl like it as well cause it might give the feel of "luxury".


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Gloss finishes do look good but they are a bit of a nightmare to keep dust and scratch free.

It wouldn't stop me buying any kit if it only came in that finish though. Would just have to stock up on microfibre cloths. :)


Love my glossy black KEFs. Matches my glossy black teeth.


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Gloss isn’t ideal in a dedicated room, too much reflections.

the Matt finishes from the likes of xtz and arendal are a bit easier to work with, but then again, mine are behind a screen so I don’t really give two hoots 🤣🤣


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I don't mind gloss, maybe not everywhere. A SVS gloss subwoofer looks much better and classy than the standard black ash version for example.


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I didn't at first, but I have to say the gloss black wood side panels on my amp and then gloss black on the speakers has grown on me and would buy again just because it goes well with pretty much anything modern looking in the rest of the room.

Also I have kind of lusted after a Yamaha grand paino for a long time (way outside my affordability) which usually feature black gloss finish.

The gloss finish I think looks very cool is the ebony finish on monitor audio gold speakers.

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