Why the continual swearing?


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Are they trying to f------ trying to prove some f------ thing? The girls are worst, (except for Susie), they can't say anything without f------ swearing. I swear like a trooper but not in front of my family or millions of viewers! And why do they end every sentence with 'Babe', babe? If they are typical of our future generation then somebody f------ help us. Worst of all is sweet, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, Imogen! Yuk!


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I think it just highlights how moronic these people inside the house are. They cannot express themselves with anything other than profanity.

I don't mind a bit of swearing, it makes jokes funnier for starters- but the BB swearing is so constant and pointless... to the point where it's replacing the 'er' gaps in what they say.

I find the use of 'babe' annoying as well tbh, it's the trendier persons version of 'mate', which apparently needs to appended to every sentence.

I sound like a right miserable sod :)


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Craig_E said:
I sound like a right miserable sod :)

No you don't babe, I think you prefer your female friends to be 'femine' and not 'ladettes'. If we could only roll back the clock to pre Spice Girl times and the damage they have caused through promoting 'girl power'! Hey, but that is another subject. ;)

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