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Can anyone tell me why I get some channels but others say no signal. For example today there's NO C4 but C$+1 is OK. They are all from the same satellite . Ive tried retuning from scratch. Its not just on my TV but also on my Humax. It cannot be the LNB is some channels are recieved can it?


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There ae control signals sent to the LNB so it may be the LNB if it isn't responding correctly.


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The lnb is switched into High/Low frequency mode by an ac tone if that fails then only 50% of the signals will be there. It's also switched by a 13/18V DC voltage between horizontal and vertical polarisation. In effect giving 4 operating conditions. When watching any channel that you can watch prees opt+ and note the frequency xxxxxMHZ and whether it's H or V after.

Ideally open this file in your browser


Cols 1 - 4 show by coloured blocks which transponder the channel comes from, col 5 shows the 4 possible blocks.

Tune to 1 channel from each block in turn, use MENU/System/Diagnostics to check signal strength and quality.

You may find for instance that you get horizontals better than verticals (or vice versa), in this case it may simply be the lnb skew is not correct.

As already said it could be down to your lnb having failed.




How do you get the channels on the TV?

Ive got that set up ( different Panasonic freesat TV) and yes you can record two channels and watch another via the TV.
Dont forget you also get freeview on the TV so you can see Dave which isnt on freesat yet.

Message too short to post so I will add a smiley :eek: and comment about the link above and the bored employee displaying the bird :laugh:


My guess too - now confirmed by aVdub.:)

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