Why sell a plasma in a state it cant be used!?


You're right of course. The logic behind this is in the commercial roots of the technology, where many different mounting scenarios are called for. But domestically it makes no sense. Pioneer MXe's come with little plastic feet for over-excited boys like you, so you can fire it up 1st! But it's best to get your plasma quote to include a stand or wall mount. Most shops will do that. Some totally consumer orientated models do come with a stand, making them a complete telly, but personally they are the ones I wouldn't give house room to.


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Hi Buns

I also thought that the stands were a bit expensive. I made my own with two bits of ally rod and a 30mm thick wood base to match my units. Had the bits about me, took about an hr



My Dad did this too. He restores antiques, it looked pretty good. I offered him a cost price stand but he didn't like it. Panasonics would be tricky, the legs are tapered. But Pioneer and fujitsu, the legs bolt on outside. You could do this with Panasonic I guess, just not the way they do it.


I appreciate that they were initially not for normal consumer use, but many these days are. In any case, if you are talking about an estore selling them for home cinema use..... well in that case there is no excuse for not having some sort of mount.

Surely tvs come with some lovely stands which effectively cost nothing simply because they are in bulk, if every plasma was sold with a little table top stand they would be dirt cheap to the manufacturers so cost us much less than £150 a head! :eek:

It also confuses the pricing on sites cos sometimes stands are included so comparison of prices is a bit awkward since you need to read the small print!


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As per MAW's post if its Plasma Display models your looking at then the vast majority are sold to the commercial market and they would not be happy paying for Pedestals they don't require and what do you do with 50 pedestals when your wall mounting the screens around someone's office complex.

Pioneer's approach with the MXE displays is neat - a set of cheap and cheerful plastic table top feet; though not everyone likes them for Home Theatre use and they don't lift the screen much above your table top so no room for a centre speaker.

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I have decided to finally wall mount my panny - so have to order a wall bracket. Looked at av-sales where I got the plasma from and seemed to be at the £150 mark - anyone know any cheaper wallmounts?

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