Why Put The Flash Directly on the Model?


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Turned the DVD off last night and the TV flips back to whatever channel our lass had on. It was some rubbish about Loaded magazine and showd them taking pics of some woman for a feature.

She was in a qhite studio on a bed thingy with white covers on with white sheets on both sides and behind her from what I could see.

The photographer had a big flash jobby on (Speedlight) and it looked to be pointing right at her, when the camerman zomed at her face you could see the flash off camera hit her face.

Any particular reason for this? I thought you should bounce the light off a wall or something like that to soften it rather than straight at the subject.

(and yes, I know how sad I am for looking at the photo stuff instead of the bord in thong and bra!)

ush flynn

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probably going for high key effect with nice catchlights in the eyes, sometimes they might have some shots where it all looks a bit mystical and there isnt much detail in the face, they will prob burn and dodge the eyes to make them stand out, sometimes they use ring flash for this and he could have had a diffuser on the flash anyway which would have softened it up greatly.


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Ahhhh. Couldn't see a diffuser but you didn't see the camera much anyway. when the camera went for a close up you could see the flash reflecting off her lip gloss so was probably going for catchlights.

Or trying to dazzle her and whip her bra off while she was disconcerted ;)

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