Why order the 360 now?


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Obviously the main reason, is to start playing it staight away. Why wait when there'll be no price drop for a year.

BUT, for anyone now desperate to get it quickly, is it worth ordering it now, rather than after xmas anyway? I see the launch stock includes a remote - will that be for all pre-orderers, including those that aren't in stock for a while? Is there anything other than the remote that makes it worth while?

Otherwise I assume that although there may be no price drop for a year, there will be console and game package deals (in which case I might wait til after xmas).



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There is absolutely no reason to order now. The remote control is no big thing.

I have pre-ordered and theres only one reason for me. I love gizmo's, and I love games. The X360 is the best gizmo to come out in many years, and I've gotta get my hands on it. December 2nd can't come soon enough for us uber geeks. :D


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With technology there is always going to be a price drop in the future. I paid £300 on day one for the xbox, and does it bother me that they're around £99 now? No. Simply becuase i've got my use out of it. If you're happy to wait and save some money, then do so. However I'm sure many others like myself will be out queuing at midnight for our 360s in Decemeber!


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It may well be worth waiting, although the console wont drop in price the bundles will improve over xmas. Since your gonna have to buy games to play on it thats were the savings will be. Look at the psp most people shopped around for the best bundles, the core price of the psp remaining the same. Now if you preorder at any given store your stuck with whatever bundle is on offer (unless they offer some kind of price match). as for stock running out unless you preorder, so long as you look around on release day your bound to find stock. In every store i went to except game and gamestation there was psp stock, so i shopped around for the best bundle. I honestly dont think there will be a shortage of stock unles it is artificially produced by microsoft (cynical marketing). MS need to flood the market before sony or nintendo turn up (in fact they neednt turn up that soon, they just need to show stunning in game action to detract attention away from the 360).


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Thanks for your thoughts.

drskhaled said:
I honestly dont think there will be a shortage of stock unles it is artificially produced by microsoft (cynical marketing). MS need to flood the market before sony or nintendo turn up
I wouldn't be surprised in MS artificially produce a short-term shortage, just to have people panic buying.

I'm not wanting to wait a year for better prices, it's just that I've only just built my PC, and I have a couple of games I'd like to devote attention to, And I haven't yet had time for some of my xbox games. To be honest, I wouldn't even use the remote (except to learn from), as I have an all in one.

I'll catch up with you geeks early in the new year.


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Triggaaar said:
Not sure it would be good for MS to have too much difference between 360s, so I'm guessing they won't add HD DVD.
There are various sources on the web suggesting otherwise like http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/8591/Xbox-360-Might-Incorporate-HD-DVD-Drive/
The article suggests that later versions of 360 MAY have the added hd dvd. I personally think that there is a strong chance that this possibility may be realized because Microsoft will not want to be out done if the PS3 incorporates a Blue-Ray drive.

Munkey Boy

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That quote is from June and there has been no further news since. Gates was talking long-term there; years, not months away. To hold back so long for such tech shows no interest in the 360 as a games machine, so why bother? Why not just get a HD-DVD player instead?


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HD DVD will only be used for films anyway and it would end up costing more. As for getting it now, while I waited for the first xbox, im not waiting for this one, my reason is that the first xbox was actually nothing that special it wasnt ahead of PC's at the time it was released, even though it had Halo it wasnt that tempting. Now the 360 is way ahead of PC's at this moment in time. Just to play the best games there has ever been is enough of a reason to get it now, I cant wait to be Playing Perfect Dark Zero and call of Duty, they simply look stunning.

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Coz if I don't get one in the next couple of months and take it with me to China I think its gonna be a pain to get one in English out there! And thats where im gonna be living for up to three years - doh!


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I have ordered one because I use my current XBOX as an extender for MCE but it cant play any HD footage so I am getting one primarily for gaming of course and secondly to use it to play my HD.
I agree I dont think I will get one before xmas but you can bet the usual people will be on ebay selling xbox 360 for at least £500 per console and then the aboloute fools who buy them for that price. If everyone remebers there was a shortage last xmas of PS2 and Xbox consoles so you can people getting silly money for used and new ones on ebay. I would prefer to wait and not let the con artists who buy them all up purely to exploit people.


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Any Xbox HD-DVD drive WONT be able to play movies as it wont have a HDCP compliant output (DVI or HDMI).

So It'll be used for game storage.


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danvitale said:
Any Xbox HD-DVD drive WONT be able to play movies as it wont have a HDCP compliant output (DVI or HDMI).

So It'll be used for game storage.

Unless of course they include HDMI/DVI output with that model? ;)


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Im a little worried that theres going to be a price drop not too far into the future unless Microsoft keep supply low to make it a must have item.

Ive read in a few places that Sony will bring forward the Playstation 3 if X Box goes well but would they then risk bringing out a machine before its ready ??

Ive pre ordered mine for a couple of reasons, 1. I love gadgets, 2. Im asking for money from family for Christmas as they always say its difficult to know what to buy for me. I could never afford to buy the machine myself for £280 so £80 - £100 trade in on my old x box, £20 deposit already paid, approx. £100 presents means im only paying about £60 for the thing which should leave me with a little cash for new games.

If it wasnt for the release date being so close to Christmas Id be waiting a fair while for a price drop and probably still end up paying more than I will come release day :thumbsup:


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No HD-DVD drive on XBOX360.


"Microsoft, while saying that the next generation of its Windows operating system will be designed to work with HD DVD, decided not to integrate the format in its upcoming Xbox 360 videogame console, which will use a standard DVD system."


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