Why ONLY WIDESCREEN if PROGRESSIVE on xbox, ps2 , gamecube



I've heard that SOME not all games on the xbox, gamecube and PS2 can only be displayed as widescreen if they are outputted as a progressive signal?


Are they implying if you use an RGB cable or s-video lead that it will only be in 4/3 format?

It doesn't make sense.


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you can still display widescreen with the rgb or s-vid, but because they are selling the games as hdtv format which is 16:9 that is what they are output as.

why you cant select 16:9 on some games with s or rgb I dont know, cant think of any myself.

edit: actually i dont remeber waerace having 16:9 option in s-video output, so maybe it's true, time to get a component cable for my cube.
I think the UK machine is different though, if you use RGB you get the widescreen option come up. correct me if i am wrong, never buy Pal systems.

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