Why oh why



Was just reading the "good news for Xbox" thread and thinming what a good thread this was, full of educated, adlut discussions.

But oh no - two people have to ruin the thread - and guess what they were both PS2 fan boys.

Not wanting to drag up old grown - but why do these people have to be so imature and stupid - personally i think we should just ignore them from now on.



You get them wherever you go sadly, trolls, not PS2 fan boys :)

I've stopped using forums quite often becasue they get overun by these eedjits. Best thing folk can do is simply dont feed them.


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Well some of those comments might be pretty inflamatory themselves...

I'm just trying to stop the recent trend of threads that have turned into flamefest between groups of childish fanboys. Perhaps I should have deleted posts there rather than lock the thread, but it looked like it was about to descend into anarchy to me.

Have you ever noticed that that you don't get the Denon 'fanboys' slagging off the Sony 'sheep' in the Amplifiers & Receivers forum? In fact Video Games is probably the only place where people blatantly rip into other people's kit. Where people have differences of opinion on other forums you just get polite disagreements and discussions of the respective merits. And people spend a lot more on receivers than consoles.


I'm sure you'll find the average age in the Video Games is probably lower than the Amplifiers Forum, hence the more likely you are to find immature comments here.


Here here JAG.

lechacal i dont have a problem with the thread being closed - just a shame as it was one where people where having a constructive discussion for a change - then the same to trolls come in and ruin it.



I agree with Jamsie. I too have left a few forums because of this issue but this forum isn't 100% dedicated to just videogaming. Its just a small part of it which is why (on average) the age is higher than other videogame forums.

I can tolerate trolls/fanboys but its just that the "advice" might be mis-interpreted by the honest folk who are new to the scene (i.e parents) that basically wants the best for the said person.

I guess thats why I vowed never to comment on the "what console?" debate ever on this forum unless IMO false information was used to gain brownie points.

It is true that there isn't really any Denon Vs Yamaha Vs Sony flames and Jag hit the nail on the head. Plus most peeps there are spending large amounts of money on hardware and so would want a varied and constructive advice on what to look out for.

lechacal : I think that its great that moderators are showing a stronger stance on this issue and I agree that threads should be locked and not deleted. More often than not such threads do have snippets of good, valid and constructive information... Not to mention that some posts took some time to write up!

You can never prevent someone from having their say.. After all they are entitled to it. However if would be nice if conversations had contructive substance behind it because at the end of the day, no-one wants their time wasted and no-one wants to purposely mislead an honest person asking for help.

Forums are designed to give information to peple that need it and if anyone just wants to start a
flamewar then go to this site and vent your anger in this forum where it is allowed.

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