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Why o why o sky!

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by captaindobie, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. captaindobie

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    Apr 17, 2002
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    Hello. Partly typing this to let off some steam and also possibly looking for someone else who has experienced something similar.
    Now, i have just got off the phone to Sky to query a problem i have with my monthly bill. A little bit of background for you. I had Sky+ installed last September (took advantage of the £200 offer + installation). Everything up until now has been fine. As an added bonus i have been receiving Sky+ without the additonal £10 (which was not mentioned at the time but i gladly accepted anyway). My normal monthyl bill is £38. (Sky world package).
    This month i have been charged £60.90!!! without any notification from Sky. I called to find out what was going on.
    Now this is where it gets funny/frustrating (you decide).
    I was initially advised that the extra charge was for my installation of a second digibox in February. Not true. If i have an extra box then it must be one of those new high tech invisible ones. After politely explaining that i have not had a new box installed i was then told that having Sky+ was charged as a second subscription of £15 and the monthly Sky+ fee was £12 and not £10 and anyway i was no longer eligible to recieve this free. Fair enough. Surely that then means that my monthly bill should be £48? I was then subjected to the one of the most patronising insults ever and asked if i would like to write the figures down as we went through them. Yes, one of us was confused but it certainly wasn't me. Having then been put on hold for a couple of minutes we went through the whole thing again but this time no mention of a second digibox and suprisingly enough the Sky+ subscription was now back down to £10. (amazing what market forces can do in a couple of minutes - a £2 reduction in the space of one phone call)
    I have to say after all that i decided to terminate the call as i could feel my blood reaching boiling point. I will leave you with some figures below. If any kind soul can explain what this all means or if you have had the same problems then let me know.
    SKY WORLD Package 13/01/03 - 12/02/03 Paid £38 (includes £10 Sky+ loyalty rebate)
    SKY WORLD Package 13/02/03 - 12/03/03 Paid £38 (includes £10 Sky+ loyalty rebate)
    The on screen statement then reads...
    Previous viewing option charge 04/02/2003 - 12/03/2003 £36.13 credit
    New viewing option charge SKY WORLD 36 days from 04/02/03 £49.03.
    Total amount payable = £60.90
    If anyone can explain the above (do you work for Sky?) then i would be most grateful. I just can't understand what the previous viewing and new viewing options are when i have not changed my package or have had any new hardware installed. :eek:

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