Why noone talks about Acer H6531bd?


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I need a low cost projector to learn.
I am evalutating Optoma hd144x, Acer h6531bd and h6522bd, and infocus.
I see on internet (including forum and youtube) several reviews of Optoma, where I discovered that some people have problem with the noisy wheel and similar things.
Nothing on acer and infocus.
Can someone give me some info about Acer? Which type of colorwheel has it? RGB? RGBW?


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Because it's cra,p
Not surprising, from the Movie screenshot thread, we can read that you hate projectors.... :confused: ;)

The reason why these DLP projectors and the Acer h6531bd are not discussed very much here might be because there are a lot of other DLP models to choose from in that price range.

Even if the marketing calls DLP projectors like that "home cinema projectors" they are not among the more interesting ones, compared to other 3 chip models from Sony, JVC and Epson.

Acer h6531bd Spec:

Brightness 3,500 ANSI Lumens
Resolution 1920x1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9 (HD)

Contrast 10,000:1 (full on/off) > Often the true native on-off contrast is much lower than this typical between 1000:1 - 800:1 on these DLPs. In dark movies projectors like this often show black as a gray

Display Type DLP x 1 > might generate disturbing RGB rainbow effects for some.

Color Processing 10-bit
Video Modes 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 576i, 576p, 480p, 480i
Data Modes MAX 1920x1200
3D Modes Full HD 3D

Lamp Type203W Osram bulb

lamp Life 5,000 hours / 20,000 hours (Eco) > That many hours are very optimistic, running a UHP lamp in Eco often result in lamp flicker. The mechanical color wheel often breakdown long before that.

Included Lens 1.1x manual zoom > That is a very small zoom range, so the planning of a setup needs to be carefully calculated to get the correct picture size on the screen. For a home cinema projector using CHI the zoom between a 16:9 picture to 2.4:1 needs to be higher than 1.33x

manual focus

Lens Shift No
> Make the cinema setup hard to get right, the projector needs to be horizontal and vertical possisoned at only one spot to get the correct picture geometry. Tilting the projector up or downwards and using the Vertical only Digital Keystone is never a good idea when it comes to picture resolution and quality.


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thank you for your detailed reply.
I miss only two informations:
- is the wheel rgb? rgbw? rgbrgb? I ask just to understand if it is an home cinema or office projector
- considering that there is no lens shift if I keep acer (or optoma) flat on table where the image will be projected? Higher than projector? I do not want to use digital keystone.
Thanks again,


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Hi, do not know what kind of color filter segment the color wheel has on these, but the native contrast and the high ANSI lumens suggest there is more than the primary color on the wheel and that it is more of an office than a home cinema projector to start with.

The best way to choose a projector is to see the projected picture in real life in some similar room environment that is will be used in your setup. It may be a good idea to check for rainbows too....

Projectors like the ones you mentioned earlier can be good starting points to see if home cinema with the use of projectors is something that you are going to use a lot. If it is, the "need" for an upgrade will often be the result of any first buy projector anyway.


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I have chosen to spend some more money and to take a projector with lens shift and 4k.
Here in Italy I can have at the same price UHD300X and Acer V6820i.
Can you give me some hints on which one I can choose?
Thanks again,

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