why no digital lights on amp??


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Hi all, I am new to the forum this may have already been covered but here goes, I have a Pioneer vsx-c402 amp and have been using this with my ps3 for movies and games however I have bought a benq projector so to get picture quality better as its native res is 800 x 600 my m8t has given me a pc which I can upscale the picture to far better qaulity however when i connected my amp to the pc via optical cable the film runs in surround when 6 channel ,5.1 pcm is selected on my dgx xonar asus sound card but unlike before with the ps3 the red lights on the amp dont light up when movie is played???? played from ps3 they light up but played from pc they dont just get the speakers and dig.???? please people any ideas y??????:rolleyes:


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If the soundcard is outputting PCM audio, you will be limited to stereo sound. This is because optical only has enough bandwidth to support 2 channels of PCM.

You can only transfer audio in full 5.1 over optical if it is compressed as either Dolby Digital or DTS. You will need to configure the soundcard and/or your media player to ‘bitstream’ the Dolby Digital or DTS signals (when available) from your movies.

Bitstreaming is when the raw Dolby Digital/DTS stream is passed through untouched to the amplifier for decoding. Currently, it sounds like the PC is decoding the audio in the first instance to PCM - hence limiting you to a stereo output.

The PS3 bitstreams Dolby Digital/DTS over optical by default I think.


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cheers thanks for the reply sound card is now going back and will be buying an asus d2x which puts out in dolby dig 5.1 or dts . this asus dgx is not the right card so like you say if the signal isnt there then the amp wont pick it up thus lights not on.:clap: lessens learnt when buying sound card get the better 1 lol

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