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Why no A-list?


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As a newcomer to these forums in search of some guidance on getting a new 32" LCD screen I was hoping to see some specific pointers to recommended models, ie what many publications call an 'A-list'. It's disappointing to see that this doesn't exist (or have I missed it somewhere?).

For non-specialists such as me there's a bewildering array of makes and models. If I knew which models I might be interested in then maybe I could locate a review. But with no real pointers to start from AFAICS it feels like a hopeless task.

I suspect that an A-list wouldn't be easy to construct but not impossible either and equally it wouldn't be perfect. But even an imperfect list would be a great starting point.


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The problem is who would write the list.
The great thing about these forums IMO, is they are very impartial and it's the members themselves who decide what is and isn't good by writing about it.
There are plenty of reviews to be had in the magazines.
If you trawl through the threads you'll see what I mean. It's pretty safe to assume that if there are a lot of posts saying good things about a product, it's ok to put it on your list. Then go and look yourself.

There is a list here:
But it's very out of date, probably because of the work involved in maintaining it, I would imagine.


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Life ain't as easy as that. You need to decide what features you want and search the net. Go to manufacturer's websites - downloading manuals is a good start.

Find out what is coming out, look for reviews and personal experience on forums such as this one.

Also have a look at the usual suspects: Comet, Currys :rolleyes: etc.


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One mans apple etc..

Part of the fun is the hours spent browsing these forums..Or at least it was for me :eek:

Don't be so lazy, have a look around, decide on your basic requirements, budget etc & go from there :) All the info you need will be here.


I think if you ask 10 different people, you'll get 10 different A-Lists. I could write down here what I think are the 4 top brand names to look out for, but that'll almost certainly start an argument about brand X having problems with Y, or why wasn't brand Z included...

Much better, and easier in the long run, to do some research and decide what's good for you, not what's good for someone who has completely different tastes and use cases.

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