Why me!?


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i've had a load of problems of late with sky (moving home)!

So things have been going well for less than a month and i got an email from Sky saying Try Sky Movies and Sky Sports. The offer was a 1 month free upgrade and then either i could keep it and be charged £25.50 a month or be charged nothing.
So the channels where activated last Friday so not even a month as elapsed and i'm enjoying the Movies and Sky but I was going to cancel anyways in a month (well less than that) so yesterday I get a letter from Sky saying Welcome to Sky World (I didnt have all the mixes in the first place) and my first payment is going to be £74.67 and then £48.25 a month after that! First off i'm like where the hell did they pluck those figures from and secondly why has this happened if i'm on a Free Trial!
Prior to taking this offer I was paying £20.50 (5 mixes) and then I was paying £9.75 for my HD and then £4.85ish for my half price MultiRoom Sub not forgetting I had £120 credit put on my account due their screw up with my Moving Home!
So the woman goes i'm sorry sir but that's not the offer the only offer I can give you is Sky Movies/Sports for Half price over 3 months which is better than what you are paying as you are being charged for Sky Movies and Sky Sports. I asked how this was possible as the email (which i still have) says quite clearly that its free! she said well that's not possible as that's not the offer that's been applied to your account! Unfortunately now due to very poor experience with Sky Customer Services i was getting very frustrated as she was practically calling me a liar when I had the email in front of me! I said to her can I just email you the offer so you can see for your self? and she said there was no point!
Honestly if I didnt want the stuff you get with Sky TV I would have ditched them ages ago!

Plus I have £10 worth of calls I need to get refunded for me trying to sort them out from the home move!

Honestly Sky Customer Service/Support is a ****ing shambles!


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I assure you, it's not just you.....I dumped those jokers over a year ago and don't miss them one bit. After I left them, I found out they were still charging my credit card and it took me 4 months to get them to stop and refund what they'd taken...


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Aside from the offer...the first payment is usually bigger than subsequently. You pay for TV in advance...but your first bill with a new package added will be for the current month in arrears and then the next month in advance. So this is not wrong.

But the loss of your free month of course is very wrong!

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