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Gosh. You wouldn't believe this but I'm quite a techie (work in the computing industry), am a prodigious reader before I buy and generally like to think I know what I'm doing. But I am well confused now.

My objective:
I have three devices (supposedly) capable of outputting 4K HDR:
a PS4 Pro
an Xbox One S
an Apple TV 4K
I also have Sky HD but have not bothered with their Q service (and probably won't).
I am a Netflix subscriber, generally watching that via the Apple TV
My objective is simple. I'd like to watch content at the best possible quality which means 4K HDR for the devices except Sky.
Until today:
I have a Sony STR-DN860 into which I had connected all devices (high speed HDMI). Then a single HDMI output from the DN860 into my TV which was a Samsung 4K enabled (but not HDR) TV. I got good 4K but obviously no HDR.
I have a 'significant' birthday so my better half asked me if I wanted a new HDR TV (partly I think because she wanted to recycle the Samsung to our daughter :)). So after a reasonable amount of research I took delivery today of a Sony Bravia KD49XF9005BU.
It was a while before I figured out (I think) that the Sony DN860 won't support 4K HDR. No matter I thought, I will just have HDMI in to the TV for PS4, Xbox and Apple TV—after all, the TV has four HDMI slots. I can then use the ARC HDMI cable to push audio back to the DN860 (I wasn't sure this would work, but it appears to from early messing).
The issue:
Not all HDMI ports are born equal, even on the new TV. So I can get the PS4 in glorious HDR on HDMI2. I have enable 'enhanced HDMI' in the menus but try as I might I can't get Apple TV to think it has an HDR capable TV on HDMI 1 or 4 (I am using 3—which is the ARC one from the 860 to the TV to get the audio back from the TV to the receiver). I haven't yet tried swapping out the PS4 and Apple TV in the back of the telly because even though I reckon this would get the Apple TV working I then have the same issue with the PS4. And then I still have the Xbox to worry about.
So my question (which I have attempted to self-answer in a moment) is how do I get the three HDR devices all playing nicely with my receiver (I am happy with its sound and don't want to spend £00s on a new one if I can avoid it) and the new telly?
My best option at the moment, subject to what the clever people here might think, is to order a suitable HDMI 4K HDR splitter (something like and have my inputs going into that, and that going just into HDMI 2 on the TV. I'd then use the existing ARC connection to feed audio back.
It's messier than I hoped for but it seems the splitter recognises whichever device is switched on and feeding it a signal so I won't have to mess around manually selecting inputs. But is this the best approach to do what I want?
Sorry, a long post. And this is from someone who thinks they know what they're doing!


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I don't know the answer to your question regarding the TV inputs but if you only have one HDMI that is HDR capable (?) then you need an HDMI Switch, not a splitter.

Doh! Just looked at you Amazon link and that indeed is a switch!


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Just a thought....try the PS4, Xbox, Apple tv, with the Sony receiver disconnected from the TV. It could be that the HDMI ARC connection between the receiver and TV is causing the issue because the receiver is not compatible.


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Your TV supports full 4K on all inputs (see below). Have you tried swapping the HDMI cable from the PS4 to the ATV? Also, it could be the ARC connection as @John7 said so you could try the optical out instead?

HDMI IN 1/2/3/4 (support 4K resolution, HDCP 2.2-compatible) Video: 4096 × 2160p (50, 60 Hz)*1 *2, 4096 × 2160p (24 Hz)*1 , 3840 × 2160p (50, 60 Hz)*2, 3840 × 2160p (24, 25, 30 Hz), 1080p (30, 50, 60 Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60 Hz), 720p (30, 50, 60 Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, PC Formats*3 *1 When 4096 × 2160p is input and [Wide mode] is set to [Normal], the resolution is displayed as 3840 × 2160p. To display 4096 × 2160p, set [Wide mode] setting to [Full 1] or [Full 2]. *2 HDMI IN 2/3 only. To support 18 Gbps, set [HDMI signal format] to [Enhanced format].


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Thanks both. I had actually wondered about using optical. I may try that and disconnect the ARC. Thanks, I will give that a try.

Derek S-H

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Welcome to the Forums, David!:)

I can't actually answer your query as I have neither the TV nor amp you describe. But I just wanted to give you a message of support regarding your struggles to get everything to work as it should.

Going from Dolby Stereo to 5.1 was relatively painless. Going from 5.1 to Atmos was straightforward enough. Going from VHS to DVD was easy. Going from DVD to Blu-Ray was fine. Going from HD Ready to Full HD was uncomplicated.

4K has been nothing short of a PITA! Lip sync problems. Getting sound but no picture. Getting picture but no sound. Discs freezing. I'm sure there's more, but I can't think of them right now.

Welcome to the weird, wonderful and utterly incomprehensible world of contemporary AV!:facepalm:


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Just a quick update as you've all been so good in helping me.
My HDMI switch box arrived and I have just finished my re-config. All inputs into that box, that box into HDMI2 on the TV (non ARC), and optical cable from the TV to the AV receiver. All working like a dream now, so thanks to you all.
My only job to complete this now is to re-program my Harmony universal remote. That's for this evening :)
Thanks all. (Still don't think it should be this tricky!)


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