Why is picture green on Progressive scan?


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Toshiba 9000e dvd player linked to Pioneer 433mxe plasma with component at component in on plasma .When the button forPro scan is pressed on the Tosh remote to invoke Pro Scan the picture goes green like an old monitor.Can somone help .It`s driving me bonkers. Cheers PeterB.


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Check that you have definatly got your DVD Player set to Component Out. If it's set to RGB, it will result in the Green Picture you are referring to. You normally have to tell the DVD Player to use Component in the setup menu - connecting the cables alone is not enough. ALso make sure you have the individual Component Cables connected to the same colour (i.e., Red to Red, Green to Green etc.) at both ends.



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Hi Groundy ,yes I have tried both.The dvd has video,svideo,rgb. The manual says for component set to svideo or video . It`s set to svideo.I`m going to try another cable tomorrow . I`m clutching at straws.The normal picture is very good .Thanks for your suggestions though.

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The picture will be greenbecause the plasma reckons it's an RGB signal and the Y part of component is carried on same lead as G for RGB. It's extremely unlikely that your DVD player is outputting RGB progressive.

So you need to check that your plasma will accept progressive in on the input you are using and that it is enabled for YPrPb/YCrCb input.



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I disconnected everything from the plasma and dvd player ,went through the settings and checked and relocated the cable again ,then lo and behold everthing is hunky dory. Thanks for your help.PeterB.

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