Why is it so hard to find a tv to buy?


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why am I finding it so hard to find a 55 inch tv that ticks al the boxes for me. I have a corner unit so some space issues but

sony aj90 expensive and ridiculously wide apart feet
jz2000 underwhelming review on hdtv test today presumably the jz1500 will be the same
lg c1 very wide stand that is so low you can’t put a soundbar in front of it without blocking the picture (how did that get through the final design phase!)
lg g1 stupidly wide apart feet
samsung Qn95a over aggressive local dimming apparently and no Dolby vision

my current reasoning is the c1 on a Vesa desktop stand but I suspect it’s gonna leave all the cables on show and look poor, instant buyers remorse

have I missed any others?

martin 39

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Do you need this yrs model at full price the cx is available for around a grand and sony a8 about £1200


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Do you need this yrs model at full price the cx is available for around a grand and sony a8 about £1200
Well the c1 has the game panel, tho the cx still has same low profile stand. I think I'm going to go with the c1 and a vesa desktop stand with a sp8ya soundbar


You might be making the same mistake a lot of us do and read in to the negatives a bit too much. No TV is perfect, and a lot of the time the remarks in reviews, and by other users isn't necessarily something you'll notice yourself.

I'd say your own personal preferences with picture quality, your viewing conditions and the cost of the TV are probably more important than the feet of the TV or cable management. Spending less on a TV now for example, lets you buy another one sooner.

So my advice: Avoid over-paying for new 2021 stock which is currently overpriced, and doesn't justify the price increase compared to last years models. Go with an OLED like the CX at a discount, or if going LCD, the Sony XH9505 or Samsung Q90T/Q95T. Decide first on OLED vs LCD though, so you aren't comparing apples to oranges.

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