Why is it so difficult to deal with Ebay?


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I ordered an item from MusicMagpie, via Ebay, on December 15th, using a 10% off dsicount code. Almost immediately, I realised I had forgotten to select Click & Collect as my method of delivery. So I messaged MM to have the delivery destination changed. They cancelled the order and refunded me. Ebay reinstated the discount code.

So I ordered again on Dec 20th. The delivery was scheduled for Jan 2nd. Jan 5th came and went and I still hadn't received my collection details. So I messaged MM only to be told the delivery company had lost the item, and refunded me again. So I called into the C&C point later that day to check, and the item was sitting there ready to be collected. I messaged MM to tell them this. Got a reply saying they were happy my order had been delivered. Replied telling them I needed a new invoice to pay, so I could get a collection code. Was told ebay had to do this. Ebay said I would have to order again and once I had, the code would be sent to me. So I reordered again last night and sent a message to the seller to let ebay know the new order was there for collection.

So you would think that would be the end of it? I could take my shiny new pickup code and collect my package, right? Well, no. Ebay wants me to cancel the new order before they can deal with this one. But, says I, if I do that the order won't have been paid for and I'll not be able to collect it. Surely if I get MM to tell you the order is there, and for you to give me the pickup code so I can collect it, that's bound to move things along a lot quicker? I countered. Well, um, they don't rightly know. Best to "escalate" it to a team which works offline, and who will email me in 3-4 days.

Now in my mind, this is what should be done - buy the item, message MM telling them this, they in turn tell ebay the item is ready to be collected, ebay issues the collection code, I collect the item (and hope that there are no issues with it), problem solved. Surely it can't be anymore difficult than that?
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