Question Why is high price diff. between SamsungUE50MU6102 and Sony 49XF8096?

Samsung UE50MU6102 vs. Sony 49XF8096 for the same price?

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i need a new 50'' TV, and i wanted to buy a Samung MU6102, because of the good reviews and VA panel, smart remote etc... i know its a 2017 model, but it would cost ~500 €, and i had more Samsung devices in the past without quality errors experienced.

i almost bougth the TV, but then a find a Sony 49FX8086 on a 40% black friday deal for the same price. What i dont understand is the high price difference (without the bf deal) of the two models.

Which model would you buy, if you dont know the price tag and why?

thanks and sorry for bad english


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The Sony is an IPS model so unless you need wide viewing angles go with the Samsung or one of the other 50" models from LG, Philips or Hisense.


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you say it as a sony owner, very appreciate that, thanks
My tv is a VA panel so for the best picture quality go with one of these.

NU7400 is this year's model, MU was last year's and Dodge is right that's overpriced in comparison.

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