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Why is 2.1 more expensive than 5.1?


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I'm a bit perplexed: you seem to pay more for less speakers. How does that make sense? I was going to buy a 2.1 system because I thought they'd be cheaper but I've found 5.1 systems are half the price!


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Are you comparing like for like? I mean in terms of quality, not the number of speakers.

There is no reason 2.1 should be more, you can get the virtual surround systems that may cost more I presume due to the processing technology in there.


The most expensive systems can often be just two speakers. It's down to quality in that case.


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It depends on what you are looking at if you gave a couple of examples then that would help.
Example a Denon 2.1 will cost a lot more than a Samsung 5.1 but then again the Denon is far better quality.
At the end of the day you basically get what you pay for.
With all-in-ones sytems you pay for, less connectivity (Lucky to get one optical input), not upgradeable, throw away when you realise things have moved on etc etc, unless it has a basic optical input then totally forget moving to BLU-RAY or HDDVD or even connecting SKY and other 5.1 items.
Think through what you want.
1. No matter what the adverts say 2.1 is Stereo
2. What are you planning to connect now and in the near future that needs 5.1 (optical), XBOX360, PS3, SKY+, SKYHD, PC'S, Media extenders, Cable TV, etc, etc.
3. Is music a priority, then the speakers better be good.


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Sorry, I should have been more specific. Both the 2.1 and 5.1 system I had in mind were Panasonic. The 2.1 system cost €900; the 5.1 system costs €499 (€299 ex. stands). The only noticeable difference was the 2.1 came with a built-in 80gb HDD. However, it wasn't a DVD recorder so the HDD can only be used for storing music files.

Sounds like a bit of a rip-off to be paying €400 more for an 80gb HDD (for music only remember) and less speakers.


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€900 or even €400 for a all-in-one is way too high for the money, as I stated do think what you want to put through it, with an all-in-one you get only one chance.

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