why i opted for tv drive



I have opted for tv drive probably spite rather than quality until I get my install on 23 Aug...... Firstly I call sky hd department and they said they could sell sky hd to anyone as there £299 + £60 install fee was not pricey but people would still buy it even if it was double...........I feel that they are probably right but sky customer service was ****e and they treated me like I was doing them a favour and not bothered to get customers, it was like sign up or ::oops: : as we are too busy.............attitude .......

Telewest on the other hand maybe have less to offer but have done me a great deal so i can have some hd content on me plasma screen and treated me as a valuable customer .............so ::oops: sky and lets face it telewest will get new hd content soon.............



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I was a Sky fanboy up until a couple of weeks ago, I have had a Sky subscription for years both at my mums house and whilst at Uni. I have just moved into my own apartment and one of the first things I did was call for Sky to install me Sky+ with all the channels, this went seemingly ok. However on morning of installation I called them to say I had not received my viewing card, the woman said my account didnt exist, it appeared that they had taken down my address wrong, so the installation had to be cancelled, she said she had also changed the address on the system (she lied). I will save you all the details but they kept :censored: up and eventually said that they couldnt change my details over the phone and I had to write in, I spent about 4 hours on the phone being passed to various departments (and Indian call centres!). In the end I snapped and told them that I wanted to cancel it all and get a refund.

Called Telewest the next day and the customer service was in complete contrast to that of Sky, I was treated like a customer and not an inconvenience.

Some Sky call centre workers blamed my treatment on the new Broadband service as they had been put under extra pressure, but that was no consilation to me. They have now lost out on my £99 for a sky+ box, my £45 a month subscription, and what would have been my eventual £300 upgrade to Sky HD by the end of next year, not to mention the fact that I will stop telling people about how good Sky+ is.
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