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I think that we need a high bandwidth audio only cable type as the moment the highest bandwidth audio only cable is the toslink which is 125mbit compared to hdmi up to 10gbit+ now. The problem with HDMI is that it and only it supports the HD audio codecs, DTS MA and TrueHD. When using the hdmi from a computer it adds a second display to the pc setup even if you are connecting it to an av receiver with no video output. This means you have an unused display when using hdmi from a pc.

The other problem is that it is problematic in that sometimes it just fails completely and requires a full reboot of the av receiver or i have to change source to something else and switch back. This problem is apparent when switching between say a projector and a pc monitor. It often means that the audio stops working and i am forced to reboot the av receiver in order to get it detected as an audio device again.

I have since gone back to toslink now and just plug in the projectors hdmi cable when i use the projector. Only downside is that i don't have the hd audio codecs and i have to plug and out the hdmi cable. That is far less of a problem than dealing with HDMI as the main audio cable for the pc.

This all may just because I use a PC as i don't have a TV, but i would imagine if anyone has any devices that use hdmi and switch between they experience similar problems. It seems like a good idea to have the audio and video on one cable and it works for many setups. A good example would be a laptop or tablet or phone. But for a desktop or a tv you want a separate video and audio cable.

The display port is the far superior video cable with very high resolution support. All we need is a more advanced optical audio with high bitrate support and hd codec support.

Edit: sorry I said dvi when I meant display port.
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A schematic of your 'connected' system would be handy.

PC's are often not ideal as they usually want a direct connection to a Monitor - we use/supply the DR HDMI and HDMI Detective devices, these allow you to set/learn the required audio and video EDID and sit between the PC and any down steram devices (AVR, TV, Projector) and 'fool' the PC into seeing an 'always on' Sink.



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I tried even more hdmi config options as i have onboard hdmi and optical audio and one hdmi on the 7850.

I tried running two hdmi to the av receiver and then setting the media player to the audio device of one of the hdmi and then switch the source on the av receiver. But even this did not work well. The main problem is the detection of the video and audio devices and switching between them. To which i came to the conclusion that it was the result of combining the video and audio in to one cable that was the problem. As you turn off the projector you lose the audio on the pc. If you run a separate audio then it doesn't switch well and you have problems.
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