Why have plasma screens become obsolete?


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Hello everyone,

Ok, so I have one of the last Panasonic plasma tv's and I love it. But it is now over 6 years old and I started to look at new screens just so I know what I should get when it eventually dies.

I find that every screen I look at, even top notch expensive oled screens, are not as good as my current Panasonic. I see all kinds of problems ranging from motion blur (really annoying!) to artifacts (also really annoying..). There just doesn't seem to be anything available that is better or even just as good as my current screen.

So I did some research and found that led and oled have some basic flaws (bleeding, near black reproduction issues, motion blur etc.). These issues are being handled by all kinds of technologies that make it less bad but either introduce other issues or just don't make things all that much better.

To me, plasma has superior picture quality over any led or even oled screen. So my question is: why are there no plasma screens available anymore?

Thank you.


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Have a search here, plenty of answers.


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dont compare an tv in currys to your tv at home. the store brightness, the picture source and tv settings usually make them all look poor

i went from vt65 to 65e6v and had no regrets.

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Been enjoying my Panasonic 50" Monitor for a loooong time. I runs it thru a variac & big transformer (to reduce the heat and clean up the incoming power.) As long as it maintains..
it has a spot in my heart and on my wall.

It only demands a six-pac if you want to watch too. pc

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