Why has there not been a campaign to "cancel" Nicki Minaj?


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Before I go any further, I have nothing against Nicki Minaj, her music or anything else and this is just a question. I also do not agree with cancel culture where a person has been accused of something, but no further action has been taken.

Source: Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty sued by sex assault victim

Nicki Minaj is apparently married to and has a child with a convicted attempted rapist, Keith Petty. The victim was a teenager at the time. It appears that Minaj and members of her entourage have been contacting the victim, who has launched a lawsuit. Minaj is alleged to have offered the victim £500,000 in order for her to take back her allegations of the assault. These are allegations which have been already been "validated" in court, as Petty was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison. In my eyes this counts as both shielding and defending Petty, and potentially condoning his actions.

Can someone just answer a simple question as to why there hasn't been a campaign to "cancel" her?

Given that people have received the same treatment for a lot less, even childish tweets, surely this counts as one of the more serious allegations that justifies it. If you go with the "leopard can't change it's spots" mindest, Minaj's fan base consists mainly of teenage girls, and Petty's position as her husband would grant him access to them. Minaj is condoning his crime, attempting to stifle any talk of it, and now allegedly harassing the victim, all of which should surely give the cancel brigade a lot of ammunition.

There's been no talk of sponsors jumping ship, her record label has remained silent, and her fan base doesn't seem too concerned.

So what marks her out to be treated any differently? Granted, she hasn't committed the crimes herself, but she's doing a Tammy (as corrected by krish) and standing by her man, effectively condoning his actions.
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Some may argue…….Did he serve his time in prison?


You are looking at something that happened 27 years ago.
Ok, its still a truely awful crime, but it is a crime that he has 'served his sentence' over.
He was only a child himself at the time too (both were 16 years old).
We dont know the full story either, the only people that REALLY do are the 2 involved, however he was proven to be guilty. Did he lay in wait for her, was it a drunken party, was it bad legal advice that led to his conviction.
How long should he be punished for? Should it be for the rest of his life?
Of course his wife is going to stand by him, thats what you sign up to when you get married, she knew his past. That doesnt mean she in condoning it or likes it, but that she has accepted something that he done when he was a kid and willing to move on.

Another argument could be that 26 years had passed, and then he marries a multi millionaire and suddenly she is now claiming money. She may well deserve it too, but why wait so long to make a claim?

How many criminals have ruined peoples lives, but then gone onto great success? I bet that there are a LOT who have previous, who lots of us like and respect now.
The likes of Will Smith - (ABH) assault, Christian Slater - Sexual assault, Keifer Sutherland - Drink Drive, Bruno Mars - Drugs, Mike Tyson - Rape, Mark Wahlberg - beat someone almost to death, Kobe Bryant - Rape, Keanu Reeves - Drink Drive, Venus Williams - Killed someone in a car crash, Matthew Broderick - Killed someone in a car crash, Even Morgan Freeman is said to be a bit of a sex pest. The list goes on.
If you watch any of their (partners) films are you condoning their actions?
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Is this lawsuit being brought up now due to who he is married to, not sure why the victim is suing them both.

If people were avoided for bad things they had done in their past there would be a lot, a LOT of lonely people out there. Not excusing any actions done by anybody.

There's been no talk of sponsors jumping ship, her record label has remained silent, and her fan base doesn't seem too concerned.

Basically the same with Amber Heard despite everything as well.

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