why has Pioneer a low contrast?


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on the pioneers they only have a 3000:1 or 4000:1 contrast ratio, where as some of the other manufactures have 10,000:1 like the Panasonic, samsung and Philips.

Why if the contrast is so low the picture looks so much better?


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Pioneer quote Contrast, a lot of others are now quoting Dynamic Contrast. Just to confuse all us punters.


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Contrast means nothing at all anyway.

What they need to start putting is the amount of light the screens emits when showing absolute black.
Problem is 90% of manufacturers wouldn't dare!!

When we talk about contrast what we really want to know is how good the blacks are, are they really black??
It is agreed that the Pansonic enhaned definition commercial screens have the best black levels, and therefore in real world use the punchiest picture, but when measured they have a contrast ratio of only just over 500:1.
Contrast ratio tells you nothing that is of any impirtance to you when usingteh screen in a home cinema enviroment.

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