Why has 'one hour photo' gone from some cinemas already

Jon Weaver

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I planned to see 'One Hour Photo' tonight, but just found out that its gone from a load of cinemas.

Its only been out a week or 2 and it seems strange that its gone already.

I know that it might not have been all that popular, but it has had good reviews.

Does anyone know why?


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Hi Jon,

Probably because of money! That is, not enough bums-on-seats to warrant most major cinema chains wanting to risk keeping it for another week or two.

The problem with most cinema chains now, is that it's almost always to do with financial returns, and less about the quality of a movie.

Thus, if "Barney The Fat Purple Dinosaur - Part 3" came out, was total crap but was really succesful, then most cinema chains would keep it. However, if Francic Ford Coppola ever released a "Godfather IV" in the same week, which may get critical acclaim, but limited audiences, then most cinemas would jettison rather keep the damn kiddies film! The ingrates! :mad:

Such a shame that everything has to come down to money and popularity to the mass-majority! This applies not only to cinemas, but video rental stores, and TV channels as well!



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It's always a toughie commercial success v critical acclaim. The big chains will always go for the former.

Where I live (Clevedon nr Bristol) we have an old cinema (the oldest purpose-built, continuously operated cinema in the world), that does mix up the films it shows. Last week we had "Signs", this its "The Road to Perdition" on Friday to Sunday this week they are showing "Lantana" and for the rest of the week "My big Fat Greek Wedding". Now I'm going to make sure that I see all of these films, 'cos they look good and I like to support this cinema. Of all of them though, I want to see "Lantana" the most, but I know that It'll be me, the Projectionist and the Ice-Cream Girl (that's what it was like when they showed "Ghost World"), whereas from Monday onwards the place will be well supported. As I said its a toughie.

BTW anyone in and around this area should check out The Curzon , it's a good place to see films


Originally posted by wilber
It'll be me, the Projectionist and the Ice-Cream Girl

A lot of fun could be had in an empty cinema with an ice cream girl :devil:


Originally posted by Glasswalker
A lot of fun could be had in an empty cinema with an ice cream girl :devil:

What Ice cream girl? I've not seen one in a cinema for years.


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Thanks - must learn to chack my tiping ;)

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