Why don't they just tell us?


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With all the Kill Bill problems (HK and Thai) and plenty of other non information, I was wondering if there is any reason that we never know for certain what is on a dvd until we go out and buy it.

Press releases are not always accurate. In fact we have a huge advantage over the rest of the world by searching through the bbfc site to check for extras but even that is not conclusive evidence (ie Dumb and Dumber).

I imagine it takes many weeks to come up with the contents of a disc and they would have a complete disc ready long before production starts, yet it is felt unwise to 'leak' this info to people who are likely to buy the disc. So why the secrecy?


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I suppose it could be explained by the fact that they really don't want us buying discs "out of territory". You can usually find out what's on your local version - and that's what "they" want you to buy.

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