Why don’t Apple make a TV?


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I fear I’ll get shot down by cleverer and more knowledgeable people but listening to Apple and their new Apple IPhone 12, they seem to have a ton load of processing stuff all about their display and video inc HDR and DV.

With all that tech and research, I wondered why they don’t think about making a TV or is that too much investment for little return?


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They were working on a TV years ago but it was canned along with the car tech.

Their current strategy of AppleTV as an app on major brand TV's seems to be working for them. The ATV box is basically the closest thing to an Apple smart TV minus the display.


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The display on the iPhone 12 is I believe just a Super Amoled display made by Samsung!
Samsung and Apple seem to to have buried the hatchet as Samsung TV'S now include ATV as standard.
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It’s been a rumour for at least ten years. Tbh they don’t need to. The Apple TV is a great device and others can have the risk of shorter life devices.

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