Why doesn't my Xbox fill the screen?

Daddy k

Distinguished Member
is ur panel set to widescreen format and is your xbox set to widescreen format via the xbox dash????


Established Member
There's probably an awful lot less overscan on your Pioneer so it shows up the sides. I get the same on my Panasonic PWD6 and XBox and Gamecube.

Daddy k

Distinguished Member
yeah boot up ur xbox without a disk in and go to the video settings and set to widescreen and pal 60
also check ur audio is set to dolby and thx if ur using av amp

Glasgow Adam

Standard Member
Agree with the above - i think a lot of xbox games are coded in 4:3 display format, so even if you have your xbox at widescreen setting it will just stretch it out a bit, not add pixels. However, it stretched too much the aspect ration would look funny and might even be blurry. You can see this at times in burnout revenge.

However, some (like halo2) are coded for widescreen and therefore looks ok even if it is pulled out a bit.

This is one of the good things about the xbox 360 being native widescreen as well as high def - because its not just the verticle pixels that are important (about 200 extra)(this gives the 720p or 1080i figure) , the horizontal ones need to be increased much more due to different shape (about 600 extra) or the picture won't fill the horizontal aspect.

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