Why doesn't my X-BOX...?


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...Play CD-R's, RW's or any other copied media. I would have expected it to at least play CD-R's and RW's! This is proving to be a bit of a pain.

Also how big is the standard hard drive?


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You dont necessarily need your Xbox modded to play CD-RW's, depends what DVD drive you have in your Xbox. I have the Phillips drive in mine which happily plays copied CD-RW's. The Samsung drive is the best one which'll play most things you can throw at it.


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Mine also plays anything but it is chipped and according to the above link has a samsung drive.
I think the standard hd is about 8gb?


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yeah standard is 8gb. i also have the 10gb seagate that they used for a few xbox's, so i got lucky there too lol


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Mod it, chuck in a bigger hard drive and then FTP stuff across. Doesn't matter what DVD drive you've got then :)

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