why does watching movies look bad when using pc on lgcx?


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Aug 10, 2020
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Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA
because i'm using my LGCX as a pc monitor, sometimes out of habit i'll watch amazon prime through my PC, instead of using the tv's interface.

i was watching the avengers (4k uhd version) on amazon prime through my pc last night, and when i went full screen, it didn't cover the entire tv screen...but when i turned my pc off and resumed the same movie just using the tv's interface via amazon prime, the movie spread across the entire screen like its supposed to and the video quality was even better. and the cgi affects of the movie looked even better than when i watched Avengers at the movie theater! ...so lesson learned: when watching a 4k UHD version of a movie, use the TV's interface, not my PC.

My only question is: why?

Is it because i'm using a gtx 2070ti for a gpu or is this just a software thing?

just curious. :)
if i use my pc to watch movies through netflix or prime on pc,
1. i wont get dolby vision
2. the colors are not that great on hdr
3. picture quality is not that great.

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