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    I have just purchased a pioneer 565A player which i am very happy with but for one problem i have encountered only on "some" not all of my Doctor Who dvd's(yes i have all that are available) all my other dvd's display perfectly.
    The picture is fine then on some scenes with "special effects" or darker areas the image shimmers then glows brighter then softer. It only happens with a component connection, if i view the same scene via s-video or RGB scart everythings fine(it does the same on my old pioneer 606d player)
    It's the worst on The Three Doctors episode three it makes it unviewable, Talons of Weng Chiang and The Pyramids of Mars are also like this(on some scenes)can someone shed any light on it and as to why it only happens via a component connection.
    It's all displayed on a Hitachi 42 PD3000 plasma via a high quality Mark Grant component cable.


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