why does the 360 take so long to rip music?


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my 360 takes ages to rip music to the hard drive, my 4 year old PC can do it at least 5 times faster than the 360.

the 360 is far more powerful than my pc but its hopeless at ripping music :mad:


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If your PC is faster then why do you not rip them on to the pc then put them on a flash drive and plug that into the 360


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i don't have a flash drive, i just can't understand why it takes so long on the 360.


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I ripped a cd to my PC that had copy protection on it and it took AGES! Put it in the 360 and it ripped it as quick as a normal CD. To be honest, i've not come across a CD that has been ripped slower than the PC. The 360 however does not automatically name the songs for you from CDDB which is poo.

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