Why does my HD box sound like a giger counter?


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the box makes one wierd clicking sound all the time,just like a giger counter,is it faulty and should i give them at sky a ring:smashin:


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that'll be the hard drive working,turning off instant pause will make it quieter.


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t1m103 said:
that'll be the hard drive working,turning off instant pause will make it quieter.
Why should you have to do this though? This is one of the main features of the box.


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he never said you had to, he said you can if it bothers you. Loads of PVR based players you find will have ticking hard drives. Some louder, some quieter. Thankfully my Sky HD is a quiet one.


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Hard drive heads make noise as the move, some models more than ever and if yours is really that loud then it's ruining the enjoyment of the service so complain. Not sure if SKY are doing swap outs with new STB's so early in the service but you may get something a little quieter.

Or replace the hard drive yourself:)


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if Dell can make my HDD quiet enough that i can only hear it when im either right next to it (and i mean my ear about 10inches away) or when it goes in to mad spasms when i open My Documents folder (somewhat full of crap..lol) from a couple foot away.....no reason Sky cant do the same with their box considering its usually a good few meters if not more away from the person....lol


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The question may be why the supplier of hard drives to Thomson can't supply a product that meets a uniform specification for noise leverls as it seems that some boxes are just fine and others are not.

I am assuming that all current SKY+ HD units are using the same model of hard drive:)

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