Question Why does my blu ray player stutter during playback?


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Hi - I need help! Ever since I purchased it, I have had issues watching any disc on my Samsung UE49KU6100. I can play anything via my old Toshiba HD-DVD player without issue. I have tried 2 different blu ray players now - a Sony and my new Panasonic DP-UB391 4K player. I am connected to HDMI port 1 with HDMI UHD Color set to on - this option is only available on Port 1. Regardless if I play 4K UHD, blu ray or DVD discs, playback stutters intermittently - split-second little pauses in video/audio - it may happen once or twice during a film, but can also be every 10 minutes or so. Samsung have remotely refreshed the HDMI ports which hasn’t worked. Panasonic seem to think it’s the cables but I have tried multiple and they are all certified, high speed 4K compliant. The picture is outstanding but I cannot enjoy watching a film because I am basically sat anticipating a stutter which always comes. What could this be? I would really appreciate any advice please. Thank you


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Thanks so much for this Martin. I wil certainly try the 4.2.2 setting on the Panasonic player to see if it makes a difference but I conducted an experiment last night with a 3rd, non-4K BD player borrowed from a friend. No matter what I tried in the settings this player would not play audio (only video) through HDMI Port 1 (the only one with UHD Color capability) so I connected to Port 2, and lo and behold the exact same issue was there.

The tiny little freezes of which there are many (approx 10-15 during last night’s experiment) seem to occur totally randomly. I thought it was during big, motion sequences or frantic action sequences but that is not the case. It also occurs in simple scene changes where there is no processing difficulty that might cause it.

Thinking back, since acquiring the Samsung TV I have had nothing but problems when connecting BD players to it. It streams HDR / 4K material perfectly well and there is no distinction between the type of disc played - in fact DVD’s are probably worse than blu ray discs. I did notice that without connecting to Port 1, 4K UHD discs were unwatchable though. When the HDR function was enabled by HDMi 1, it seemed to work ok for the 2 UHD discs I’ve tried.

I am left with the conclusion that the TV arrived as new with faulty HDMI ports or possibly a faulty motherboard? Getting Samsung to resolve this will be a challenge I am sure!

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