Why do you collect DVD's ?


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simple question.

I don't always see the point, especially when you can't reuse the media (ok the new recordable offer this but still there isn't much to record) and after a while I will only watch the movie I may have bought once in a blue moon after the 'honeymoon period'

is the money, expenditure and time spent in front the screen worth it's while ?

am I better off going to the cinema to watch the films I want ?

Could I spend the money better elsewhere? Improve my home? save up for my children going to uni?

not meant as an aggressive question/attack, but I can't justify the cost of the hardware nor the disc's personally for the enjoyment experienced...

wonder if people reflect the same thoughts?



But you cannot always see the films you want to see again and again at the pictures.

As to the money could be spent better else where, well that could be said about any other pastime/hobby.

Ok the experience may be not as good as the cinema but it is a good second best. Also if you hang on the price of the DVD’s come down and can be got nearly the same price as one ticket to the pictures but all the family can watch.


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Compared to expensive wharehouses full of ****s throwing popcorn and talking on mobiles and smoking (not just cigs) I dont get any in my lounge nore am i charged £5 for the priviledge or charged £3+ to park my car outsode!


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Oi, "Fe+" wrong forum mate!

Personally it fills the void left in my life. The cool hard lilt of a dvd case doesn't compare to the soft breast of a loving woman, but you don't get any of the whinging!


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I 'collect' DVDs only from movies I really like and want to watch again one day, mainly action and sci-fi movies.
I guess my collection with about 100 titles is rather small.
Never collected VHS tapes (just used for recording TV programs) or other movie media, but DVD is great - with excellent picture and most have 5.1 surround sound. The latter is of course only a benefit if you have a system to go with it, I do and just love to watch my fav action movies with the volume cranked up ... :D


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I don't think knitting is worthwhile when I can buy a perfectly good jumper from M&S, but I wouldn't go online and search for a knitting forum to ask them why they bother ! :( :D


It's cheaper to buy DVDs than going to the cinema. It cost me over £30 to take my family to see Lord of the Rings over Christmas, and that was just for the tickets! Petrol costs, snacks and food added to this probably brought the price up to at least £50. The extended edition DVDs have been around £25 to buy. Other movies have been even cheaper to buy, with most averaging around £12. Even if I only watch these movies once I will have made a saving.

They also look nice on the shelf :)


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Same here, I bough Lost in Translation for 15 quid!

It would cost me 12 quid for 2 of us to go the cinema, and then food etc on top! So I begrudge going to the cinema, unless its for something I really want to see!


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I have some DVDs that are still in the wrapping and are just up on the shelf. As mentioned earlier, you gotta collect something. Some people collect stamps etc.etc.etc. i collect DVDs. On the other side of the coin, we could all be doing alot worse with our cash. Id much rather spend a hundred € on movies than injecting it, smoking it or snorting it.


Why do you collect DVD's ?

I ask myself that very same question every time I buy a new one. In fact I made a new years resolution not to buy any more! Not yet broken it but my wife has bought five or so this year!

My collection has just gone over the 400 and to be honest I have yet to watch at least 100 of them!

I agree with what has been said in the other posts but the strange thing is I never bought VHS movies, I just couldn't see the point!

I think there is a bit of a Collector in most of us, it's just my current fad is collecting DVDs.



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Originally posted by vicbarry
Id much rather spend a hundred € on movies than injecting it, smoking it or snorting it.

That's exactly what I say to justify my collection :D


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So why collect anything? Because we get pleasure out of it :smashin:

Paul Williams

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Because its an entertainment media product for use as and when you require. Tell me Fe+, do you have a record, CD, photograph collection, because if you do, then the same reasons will apply. Or after your children went to Uni and got a degree, would you not want a photo from the presentation day on the grounds that you were there anyway?



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Because Sky Movies is crap and costs too much, I haven't been to the cinema in over 20 years, and pre-recorded videos are crap too !
Most of my small collection of DVDs is either music or comedy based and it's stuf I can watch time and time again. Stuff like the old episodes of Minder and other comedies are now only really watchable on DVD as the satellite companies that show the repeats either cut bits out to put more adverts in or take out all the swearing :rolleyes:


Collecting DVDs or anything else is a curiously male pastime though isn't it.

Just like I would suggest 95% of visitors to this site are gadget-minded blokes.

I've heard it is a mild form of autism!


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Collectiing DVDs is fun especially if you really do 'love' films. I like the fact I can watch any of them when I want to. I rarely go the the cinema nowadays unless it is a great one.


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1. I love movies.

2. Most TV is s*** and it's getting worse.

3. I get better sound and picture at home than at most multiplexes.

4. I have a director's commentary instead of a d**khead's commentary running through the movies.

5. Dolby Digital/DTS without superfluous sound effects (munching, bag rustling, mobiles going off, etc.).

6. I can pause the movie and go for a s*** without missing a thing.

7. DVDs are cool!


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And don't forget that DVDs (most of them) contain extras, like commentaries or other pieces of extended information.

I like watching the films, but I also enjoy learning more about them and the people who made them.

DVDs have opened up a whole new world of cinema education for me too. :)


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Originally posted by dbg32
Collecting DVDs or anything else is a curiously male pastime though isn't it.

Just like I would suggest 95% of visitors to this site are gadget-minded blokes.

I've heard it is a mild form of autism!

What about us gadget-minded women, there are some of us around. Or are you implying we are really men?


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