Why do we get stuck with US Resolutions, where is our 576P

Just bothers me how we are getting stuck/forced with American Resolutions, like 480P, why don't we get 576P?..., also what is this PAL 60 scam they have been doing to us for years, there is no such thing as True PAL 60, it's all a lie, activating it just switches to NTSC Mode, i.e 640*480, when it should be 768*576...why don't they call it NTSC Mode, PAL 60 is just a blatant lie, as PAL 60 is 768*[email protected], well 30 since it is Interlaced..., it's not worth the extra 10FPS for the drop in resolution..., all these Gaming Consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, still have this Fake PAL 60, and no 576P..., why won't anyone get it into there heads that Europe is one of the biggest Players when it comes ot Gaming/AV.., so give us proper resolutions, otherwsie ditch the PAL system altogether...

Resolutions for those who are confused..

NTSC Full Screen 720*480 = 640* 480 Actual Displayed
PAL Full Screen 720*576 = 768*576 Actual Displayed
NTSC Widescreen 720*480 = 854*480 Actual Displayed
PAL Widescreen 720*576 =1024*576 Actual Displayed

PAL 60 = NTSC = Lower Resolution than standard PAL 50, the extra 10FPS is not worth the drop in resolution..


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This is only in the composite domain.

PAL 60 is not 576 lines at 60fps it's NTSC 525 (480) lines at 60fps but with the colour subcarrier frequency shifted to 4.43MHz (the same as PAL). This enables TVs that can display a 60Hz signal but cannot display a true NTSC signal (where the colour subcarrier is at 3.58Mhz) to display a colour picture. If you are using RGB/HDMI/Component then you are driving the display device directly and have no interest in subcarrier frequencies.

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