Why do Samsung lower the Contrast Ratio on smaller screens ?


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Why is this ?

I currently have a 32" LCD TV which I think is fine size wise, but I could maybe push for a 40". So I've been looking at Samsungs 40" Series 5 for approx £700 or Samsungs 32" Series 6 for approx £700. I really like the Super Clear Panel you get with the Series 6 but I'm concered about them cutting the contrast ratio down to 15,000 rather than it being 50,000 on the 40". The 40" Series 5 also has a higher contrast ratio.

So which one do you guys think is the better performer for my money ?

I'd be very gratefull for any advice.


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40 inch vs 32 inch -> bigger screen ALWAYS wins.:thumbsup:

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