Why do my textures look crap?


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Does anyone else notice a slight purple tinge to textures on some PC games? I will post some screenshots to show what I mean. I have a X800 GTO Radeon.

I notice it because I am now using a big 26" LCD screen to play games and it really stands out. I notice it most on track textures in GT Legends (a fairly new, directx9 game), I have tried changing mipmap quality, Anisotropic Filtering, Anti Aliasing in the radeon settings but to no avail. I also tried the all the LOD quality/circuit detail level settings in GT Legends but it won't go away.

It's pretty bad here:

Different camera position:

The afflictions I'm talking about if you can't see them:

It's pretty bad here too:

Less bad with the sun shining on it, but still noticeable:

And not there at all on this user-made add-on track?:

I wouldn't normally complain but, since getting an xbox 360, the graphics are so good I'm noticing these little things now on PC..

Is it some texture compression? Something to do with mipmapping or whatever it is that happens to textures when they are further away?

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