Why do movies look like TV dramas on my LCD?


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Hi guys, just bought an LE32R87 (£499 from John Lewis with free 5 year gaurantee) and although I'm generally very pleased with the quality and the picture (didn't expect freeview to be perfect) I have one major problem... when I watch films, either on TV or via DVD the motion control gives a very odd effect. Basically it's like watching a high quality version of casualty.. ie the picture looks like a TV drama (lighting and motion) rather than a genuine film.

I've done a quick bit of reading and it sounds like either the TV or the DVD player (Sony RDRHXD870B) is overprocessing the picture to reduce the normal tracking judder that makes movies look like movies (ie. nice and smooth).

I admit I've not had a chance to fully play with the settings yet, and should also mention that until my HDMI cable arrives I've been using a SCART lead to connect the DVD player to the TV. I know that the Samsung is supposed to have some motion problems, but I've read enough comments saying how great movies look on it that I'm hoping this is a simple setting error that I need to correct. If I can't correct it then it's going back, as the main reason I bought it was to get that 'widescreen cinematic experience' from my TV.

Someone's already told me that it's likely to be the TV anyone else experienced this? Is the likely culprit the DVD recorder, the TV or the cables (or just my stupidity?!). Please help... right now I feel like it's all been a big expensive mistake! :(

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