Why Do I Need An Engineer ?


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I have just moved into my new property and am currently using the previous tenants ADSL2+ line until the 18th at which point BT ( my ISP ) will transfer me over to my Infinity 2 line. So im gueesing i have an active/working line.

I received a text message saying that there's an " appointment booked " for the 18th in the morning.
So i asked someone from BT and said, the engineer "may" need to " check my sockets " ?

When i had infinity transferred at my old house it was all done on the cabinet.

Anyone with any knowledge tell me why i'd need to have an engineer round ? Will be a right pain if I have to move my huge TV just so they can " check " the master socket.

Attached is a picture of which NTE5 socket i have...


TBH, if they're offering a free Engineer visit and its not too much of an inconvenience (eg you don't have to take the morning off work), I would gladly accept the visit. VDSL2 (FTTC) is even more sensitive to noise than ADSL2+ so for peace of mind it would be better to let an Engineer check your wiring just to make sure the socket (master?) is in tip top condition internally with everything wired up correctly. More importantly, you can check your VDSL2 speeds whilst the Engineer is still there and he can help you further (eg check PCP/FTTC cabinet) if speeds are lower than expected. Peace of mind :)

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