why do I have to run my set in?


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Got my Panny42PX60 a few days ago(Currys£872.99 using promotional codes- only 12 months warranty but happy with the deal), now on the wall and so far well impressed :D Only got Sky sd a.t.m. but will upgrade to Sky HD at a later date. Like most people on here did much homework before purchase and nearly bought Sony W but reckoned the Panny represented best bang for the bucks at the price point paid.
No green or purple monsters to date but a bit paranoid about possibility of screenburn, particularly as the instruction manual has a disclaimer indicating this is not covered by the warranty:( However, if this is a potential hazard then how come Panasonic do not advise the customer about running in the set.?If I had not visited this site I would have probably just operated it at higher settings as most people would unless warned. Afew people at work have had sets for a good while and none had any idea about running on low settings for first 200 hours or so and none reckon they have screenburn.
What i would like to know is exactly how 'running in works' . After 200 hours on lower settings in what way would the screen be more resistant to burn--- is there some sort of scientific explanation to validate this recommendation:confused:

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